Compete with other players in Gamzix’s Tournaments and Achievements

For some countries, gambling is a cultural thing. It’s a part of people’s entertainment choice. And seeing this makes us realize that we want to make a step towards this global idea. Tournaments and achievements have become something that make this connection with gambling community deeper and experience fuller. 

Tournaments are a promotion that gives players the opportunity to compete against each other for prize money. It’s an exclusive option that we’ve added to every game we have in the portfolio. When entering the game in which the tournament is running, the player is shown a notification about the ongoing event and its rules. The player makes bets from the amount specified in the rules and thereby accumulates points. There are standings with the scores and places, where everyone can track results of the current tournament. This kind of interaction helps to add a competitive vibe into the gaming process and let experience it on a different level. 

Another additional benefit that players can get from our games are Achievements. We have 3 different options the most Gamzix’s games include: Free Spins, Free Spins Game and Bonus Game. Let’s take a look at each:

Free Spins is an additional feature in particular games where a player can get free spins which are usable for the specific slots. The timer indicates how much time the player has to get the winnings.

Free Spins Game is a tool which opens chances for another game win. After filling a progress bar with an assigned amount of bets, a Free Spins game starts. After winning, a player can continue playing with regular conditions.

Bonus game is another extra achievement a player can get for free by following specific rules. When a special bar is completely full, the required number of Coin symbols will appear on the reels, which will activate the Bonus Game. Bonus Game will be wagered at the bet specified in the promo. After playing it, a player receives a notification with a win.

Tournaments and Achievement are unique features from Gamzix that give to the entertainment process more unexpected and exciting details. Also, new chances for players to win and explore every possibility of gambling.

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